What is the best litter to use for cats?

What is the best litter to use for cats?
  • Best Overall: Dr.
  • Best Clumping: World’s Best Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter at Chewy.
  • Best Biodegradable: Naturally Fresh Cat Litter at Chewy.
  • Best Lightweight: Tidy Cats Free & Clean Cat Litter at Chewy.
  • Best for Multiple Cats: Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter at Chewy.
  • Best Unscented:
  • Best Scented:

What is the best type of cat litter Australia?

The best cat litter in Australia

  • Best overall cat litter: Breeders Choice Cat Litter.
  • Best clumping cat litter: CATSAN Clumping Cat Litter.
  • Best cat litter for odour control: Litter Genie Plus Pail.
  • Best crystal litter: Fresh Step Cat Litter Crystals.
  • Best paper litter: Purina Yesterday’s News non-clumping paper cat litter.

Do cats prefer clumping or non clumping litter?

Many cats appear to prefer clumping litter because it is easier for them to push aside, but some cats prefer non-clumping clay. Both clumping and non-clumping cat litters do produce some dust, although there are formulations of both types that are designed to decrease the amount of dust in the litter.

How do I choose a litter?

Choose a litter that is unscented, absorbent, and as dust-free as you can find. Litters that contain dust can cause respiratory problems for cats when the dust is inhaled as the cat digs. You may be tempted to purchase scented litter to mask litter box odors.

Are crystals better than litter?

Cat litter with silica crystal beads are typically dust-free, which helps keep the area around your pet’s litter box clean. Crystal-based litter is also effective when it comes to odour neutralizing and lasts much longer compared to other cat litter.

Can Crystal litter cause UTI in cats?

Dirty litter boxes can cause your cat health problems! Cats can develop painful kidney infections, bladder infections, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections if their litter boxes are not kept clean.

Is silica litter better than clay?

Dust and Tracking

Most clay litters have minimal dust and do not create tracking marks when cats leave the litter box. But silica crystals are completely dust-free and do not leave marks around the house because they are in bead form.

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